Marrakech trip with family

Hey guys, I hope you are doing well

Latley, we decided my little family and I to spend time togheter little far from stress so we choose to go to Marrakech for some rest and fun of course.

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Hello to all
I hope that you are fine
It makes more than 8 months than I stopped posting on my blog, it turns out that 3 days after the publication of my last article I lost my dad (may god has his soul), further to a length fights against the cancer.
After this tragic event, I was not ready to resume my activity, I wanted to reconcentrate on the main part and on my family.

Now 8 months later, I try to resume a normal lifestyle and to find my marks, (even if it’s not easy at all), however I shall begin again to post articles more often.

Thank you of your understanding

Big kisses